Thank you very much for viewing this site.

I designed this site for Linda because I love her very much and I
am doing everything in my power to help her survive. There are links
on here to provide donations to help her assuage her medical expenses
associated with cancer treatment. There are also e-commerce links
here for services and products that we all use. If you are in the
market for some of them, request you buy them from this site. It will
help us greatly.

I really appreciate all the donated vacation time, the cards and well

To show my appreciation, I will design websites for your loved ones
and friends if they are facing life threatening illnesses. I will not
charge anything for the programming and I will maintain them for
you as well or teach you to make changes. A small fee for domain
registration and hosting is all that will need to be paid. I will assist
you in developing relationships with ecommerce retailers. Visit the
web page development page on my main site via the link below for
more information.

Again, thank you
all for your support over the past year. I really
appreciate everything. I will be posting new developments on this site
on a regular basis.

Walter Davis
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